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The Zen of Terrarium Building

What is Terrarium?

Terrariums are basically the glass containers having soil and plants. They can be opened for maintenance to access the plants inside and take care of them. Terrariums can also be opened in the air instead of being sealed. They are frequently used as oriental decorative purposes, indoor or outdoor. Closed terrariums make an interesting domain for plant development, as the transparent walls of the container allow light and heat to enter the terrarium.

The heat in the sealed container allows the creation of the water cycle. The water condensed on the wall of the container and fall back to the plants and soil. So due to this constant supply of water, plants do not dry. It also helps plants photosynthesize which is an important aspect in plant growth.

Benefits of Terrarium

A Terrarium is a very good approach to take plants into your classroom or home and a fabulous tool for showing youngsters about the water cycle as it goes through the process of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Within the presence of light and warmth, water evaporates from the plants through transpiration and from the soil.

As it has the enclosed environment, when the water vapor hits the side of the container, it condenses. When enough water gathers, eventually the temperature diminishes the condensation precipitate down into the soil.

Apart from the learning perspective, terrarium has many health benefits as well. It is the time when you spend time near nature and plants. It is likewise a dynamic place to meditate. Even if you have kept them indoors, it gives you the feeling of peace and serenity. Being in nature, looking at the soil and creating a landscape of your own is the perfect way to get away from the worries of life.  The very scent of the soil and the plants is very soothing to your spirit.

Terrariums are inspired by nature and in the container, you can see the nature with beautiful plants and art objects. If you are the nature and art lover, it is perfect thing that you can place in your home or office. It can also be a unique gift to your loved ones on special occasions.

Terrarium – A Source of Zen and Peace in your Life

In the stressful times of your life, it’s become very difficult to find tranquility and relaxation and one of the best places where you can find comfort is your home. This is the reason why Zen principles are gaining popularity. Zen is the meditation, which reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. The concept of Zen garden was originated in Japan and Buddhist monks used it as a form of moving meditation. Its purpose was not to create something from it, but to focus and train the mind.

Sometimes we need the Zen principles in our life to get relaxed and focus on important aspects on life. You cannot achieve this task if your atmosphere and environment do not allow you to do so. As Zen is associated with simplicity and purity of lines and you have to remain near to nature, you can get it by having a Terrarium at your home.

How Terrarium Bring Serenity and Better Health?

There has been a lot of research that suggests that spending time in the forest or in a countryside with a lot of trees can improve the mind, help focus and concentration and relieve the tensions. It also improves the cognitive function and has many other health related benefits. Colors impact our brain to a larger extent. Studies are conducted in this regard and the results show that red color causes higher stress than green or white colors.

This shows that one should choose the colors that help with stress relieving. There are various outdoor and indoor activities that can relax our mind like hiking in the forest, spending time in the garden or planting a garden – just to name a few. One such relaxing method that can bring Zen and peace is through planting terrarium.

It is the perfect way to enjoy nature at your home and at the same time, reducing stress and achieving peace of mind. The basic purpose of terrarium is to bring the calming effects of nature in your home. The moment brought the container and decorates it with rocks, plants, sand and other beautiful items; your mind started getting relaxed.

Studies also show that having a terrarium in your home reduces the blood pressure and emotional agitation. You started feeling fresh and peaceful rather than stressful and angry. Also, creating the terrarium in your home is the healthiest and enjoyable hobbies that provide calming effects and bring Zen to your home.

Mini Miniature – Huge Benefits

While terrarium is smaller in size, but these miniature gardens benefit you in huge ways. It improves your self esteem, awaken your creative side, increase focus and keep your body away from the negative thoughts. Not only in your home, you can create the Zen of the terrarium with a few stones and sand in your office. In the highly stressful situation, this Zen garden will surely relax your mind and help tackling the situation in a better way.

Whenever you feel stressed or tensed, you can use the miniature rake to change the pattern of the sands and stone. Studies show that even this attempt can calm you and lowers your blood pressure. If you often feel the problem of anxiety, start having a hobby that related to nature. This process can calm your body and you will no longer feel anxiety.

If you want to have the Zen fulfilled activity in your home to induce the sense of relaxation and calmness, you can choose various objects in your room. Having a mini garden in your room seems a perfect idea and it is also easy and convenient way to keep them indoors.

How to Create Terrarium Building?

You can get all the material needed to create the terrarium building from the nearer garden store and it only need 15-20 minutes to create it. First, you need to have a container, fill it with stones. Then add the layer of potting soil made of succulents or cacti. It should be deep enough for the plants to root to.

The moisture level in the terrarium is very important. Pour the soil into the bowl first and mix it with water until the soil is moist enough to cling together. If water drips from the soil when pressed, it means it is too wet, so add some more dry potting soil in it.

The next step is to remove the large plant from the container and remove the dust from it. Make the hole in the soil and put the plant inside, tamping the soil firmly to keep it in place. Continue planting the rest of the succulents. You can add various types of plants, stones, colors and sizes to make it even more pleasing.

Once you are finished, add a layer of white sand around the plant and add a few pebbles to complete the look. As terrariums have plants and nature in the mini container, it can be the source of Zen and excessive peace of your mind.  Plants have the calming effects, green color has soothing effects and they are the source of oxygen.


Not everybody has sufficient energy or space to develop a full-sized Zen garden in their home. However, it is possible for everyone to discover the space for keeping a small size Zen garden at their home or office.

Terrariums are smaller than usual Zen gardens, but they have all the features of a Zen garden. It consists of sand, smooth stones, rock, greenery and plants to make a small fairy garden. Various designs in the sand, carefully placed stones, natural greenery in terrariums, and small sized Buddha statues can all enhance the impact.

If you are a spiritual person, having a terrarium will increase your enhancement of the practice and Zen. The basic objective is to remain associated and engaged throughout the day, and a little Zen plant inside view can contribute to this.

A terrarium has a quiet, calming, relieving and thoughtful impact. Zen gardens that are in terrariums with bring greenery and nature to any room. The presence of a Buddha statue in or close to the garden additionally adds to peacefulness even while at work.

The terrarium can bring peace to your mind and at the same time, it enhances the creativity and assist in problem solving. Meditation is a great way to think with a peace of mind to promote innovative thinking and helping with new ideas to emerge and grow.

The various styles and varieties of terrariums are striking in their simplicity. They can convey the beauty and simplicity of the overall setting and upgrade your decor. Terrariums have endless benefits and there’s a style of every sort of taste and decor. So having a terrarium is a great way to bring Zen, peace of mind, serenity and calmness.




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